RFR 8035490: move xml jaxp unit tests in bugxxx dir into jaxp repo

huizhe wang huizhe.wang at oracle.com
Tue Jun 24 00:14:20 UTC 2014

On 6/20/2014 2:26 AM, Alan Bateman wrote:
> On 20/06/2014 09:42, Patrick Zhang wrote:
>> Hi Team,
>> 8035490 is one task used to track xml code colocation from sqe repo 
>> into jaxp repo.
>> As one initial change set, it includes below materials:
>> 1. TEST.ROOT to declare test code location.
>> 2. ProblemList.txt to exclude 6 tests which have been discussed on past.
>> 3. One Makefile to support future jprt/aurora execution.
>> 4. test code located in bugxxx dir. All are based on testNG.
>> webrev:
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~pzhang/xml_colocation/8035490/webrev/
>> :
> (Moving this thread this to core-libs-dev).

+1!  Patrick, please send future review request to core-libs-dev.

It's a great effort from the SQE team and Patrick migrating all of the 
jaxp tests into the OpenJDK repo. Thanks again!

> At a high-level then it's good to have the tests for JAXP in the same 
> repository as the code. I've only skimmed over these webrev (not a 
> review) and they look like they are mostly regression tests for 
> specific bugs - is that right?

Yes.  This is the first set of jaxp tests to be migrated. To help 
understand jaxp test, here is what it looks like:
JAXP tests -
            - 1. JAXP Unit tests
                - a. those named after bug id
                - b. javax.xml.datatype
                - c. javax.xml.parsers
                - d. javax.xml.stream
                - e. javax.xml.transform
                - f. javax.xml.validation
                - g. javax.xml.xpath
                - h. org.w3c.dom
                - i. org.w3c.saxtest

            - 2. JAXP SQE (function) tests
                - a. product tests
                - b. ASTRO xsltc tests
                - c. Auction Portal tests
                - d. GAP tests
                - e. XSLT tests

1a were some of the oldest unit tests that were put in packages by their 
bug ids. Newer tests were named after their corresponding API package names.

Patrick's plan is to migrate 1 (unit tests) in 4 batches. The 1st (this 
one) covers 1a.

> One thing that concerns me a bit is that none of the .java files that 
> I looked at have any comments to say what the test does. Is there 
> anything that could be brought over from the original issue in JIRA to 
> explain what each of these tests is about?

It would have been nice if they had comments. But adding comments would 
be too much work, unnecessary I would think. These tests serve their 
purpose, that is, preventing regressions. In case any fails, its bugid 
would allow us to easily find out what it was testing.

> Is Hello.wsdl.data a binary file? Have any alternatives been looked at?

It's UTF-16 encoded. Patrick and I looked at it earlier. Mercurial has 
no problem handling binary. Would you think it'd cause any problem?  If 
it's really unwanted, we can look into modifying the test.

> As you mention ProblemList.txt then I see that it has headings that 
> don't make sense in the jaxp repository, maybe they should be removed.
> The webrev only has the changes for jaxp repository, will there be 
> follow-on changes to make it runnable at the top level, JPRT 
> configuration, etc.

I think that'd be jdk_jaxp. Patrick, you've run JPRT, correct?


> -Alan

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