RFR: (s) 8036095: RMI tests using testlibrary.RMID and testlibrary.JavaVM do not pass through vmoptions

David Holmes david.holmes at oracle.com
Thu Mar 6 05:46:49 UTC 2014

On 6/03/2014 3:40 PM, Stuart Marks wrote:
> On 3/5/14 4:57 PM, David Holmes wrote:
>> On 6/03/2014 8:05 AM, Stuart Marks wrote:
>>> Please review this fix to change RMI's test library to pass through
>>> vmoptions and javaoptions to rmid and other JVM subprocesses.
>> Are you sure you want to do that? Run everything with -Xcomp for example?
> The choice is between not passing the options and passing them through.
> I think it's more surprising not to have the options passed through. For
> example, the test makefiles pass -ea and -esa to jtreg, which adds them
> to test.vm.opts. Rmid and its activation group JVMs are just as much
> part of the system under test as the JDK running the test, so not having
> these options passed through means that we've been testing without
> assertions enabled in the subprocesses all these years. The -D option to
> set a system property should probably be passed through as well. I don't
> know if this makes sense for -Xcomp though.

Indeed that is the problem with all of this - some settings you will 
want to pass through and some you won't. Though perhaps -Xcomp and other 
stress options are not something you have to be concerned about with 
normal core-libs testing. And conversely hotspot testing is unlikely to 
be running the RMI tests. So I guess it should be reasonably "safe".

BTW not a review (sorry) :)


> s'marks

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