RFR: 8036786: Update jdk7 testlibrary to match jdk8

Vladimir Kempik vladimir.kempik at oracle.com
Thu Mar 6 15:34:07 UTC 2014

Please review this change to update jdk part of testlibrary in jdk7.

It updates testlibrary with new apis from jdk8's testlibrary.

When porting jdk8's testlibrary to jdk7, I had to make few changes:

1) rewrite one lambda usage in StreamPumper.java to non-lambda version.

2) get rid of predicate functionality in ProcessTools.java: startProcess 
as it wasn't used anyway and unsupported in jdk7.

Every test in open part of jdk that uses testlibrary still works after 
update (in fact there are 3 of them).


Thanks, Vladimir.

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