Fedora sun.misc.Unsafe statistics

Florian Weimer fweimer at redhat.com
Tue May 6 12:23:43 UTC 2014

On 05/06/2014 02:13 PM, David Holmes wrote:
> On 6/05/2014 9:22 PM, Florian Weimer wrote:
>> On 03/12/2014 10:45 AM, Paul Sandoz wrote:
>>> Hi Florian,
>>> Thanks for doing this.
>> Sorry, I missed your follow-up until now.
>>> Do you have any more context on what RPMs/jars are using what methods
>>> of Unsafe?
>> Attached.  Columns are package NEVRA, JAR name, method and descriptor in
>> Unsafe.  I used CSV this time to reduce file size (there's no column
>> padding).  Hopefully the attachment is below the mailing list size limit.
> Either too big or not an accepted MIME type. :(

Meh.  I put the CSV file here:


Florian Weimer / Red Hat Product Security Team

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