Urgent [9] RFR (S) : JDK-8039915 NumberFormat.format() does not consider required no. of fraction digits properly

olivier.lagneau at oracle.com olivier.lagneau at oracle.com
Mon Sep 22 13:39:13 UTC 2014

Hi William,

Thanks a lot for your time and checks !

On 19/09/2014 22:02, William Price wrote:
>> Hi Oliver,
> First, sorry about mistyping your name, Olivier!
>> I copied your patch into my shim locally and ran my test cases and
>> still get a couple failures (see output below).  Your patch and my version
>> differ in the way and order in which we interpret allDecimalDigits and
>> alreadyRounded.
> And I should have been more diligent. On second look these are all "very close to a tie"
> as described in JDK-7131459, so I now believe my test suite is incorrect.  It matched the
> JDK 6-7 behavior but did not account for the JDK8 intended changes for these edge cases.
Yes these are voluntarily all tricky cases with dtoa() returning an 
exact tie
due to IEEE-754 precision limit, thus following nearest to even policy and
either rounding up or truncating right at the rounding digit position.

allDecimalDigits indicates whether dtoa() was able to provide all the 
exact digits,
with result still inside IEEE-754 precision. alreadyRounded indicates 
whether the result
was truncated or rounded up.

I think allDecimalDigits must be checked first, followed by 
alreadyRounded, since
if you get an exact binary representation within IEEE precision, dtoa 
won't do
any rounding by principle.
I believe the latest (last Friday) version of your patch on github is ok.

Thanks again William for following this bug,
and for the feedback and checking of the patch for this review  !

Best Regards,

> JDK-7131459 test case:
>             0.15 is actually: 0.1499999999999999944488848768742172978818416595458984375
>                  HALF_UP  --> 0.1                OK
>             0.35 is actually: 0.34999999999999997779553950749686919152736663818359375
>                  HALF_UP  --> 0.3                OK
>             0.85 is actually: 0.84999999999999997779553950749686919152736663818359375
>                  HALF_UP  --> 0.8                OK
>             0.95 is actually: 0.9499999999999999555910790149937383830547332763671875
>                  HALF_UP  --> 0.9                OK
> Above tests used Java 1.8.0_20 (Oracle Corporation)
> installed at C:\JAVA\latest8\jre
> Agent installed: yes
> Patch applied  : yes
> Overall result : FIXED

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