[9] RFR of 8075156: (prefs) remove() should disallow the use of the null control character '\u0000' as key

Brian Burkhalter brian.burkhalter at oracle.com
Wed Apr 15 18:41:49 UTC 2015

Updated and hopefully final patch here:


Test run in progress.

Barring any objections I assume that changing CODE_POINT_U0000 from a String to an int does not require another Reviewer approval, so I will go ahead and push the fix after the yet to be refreshed CCC request is approved, if it is.



On Apr 15, 2015, at 10:08 AM, Brian Burkhalter <brian.burkhalter at oracle.com> wrote:

>> But I'm curious why CODE_POINT_U000 is defined as  String instead of char?
>> The indexOf() operation is more efficient for single characters.
> Probably because I had initially used contains(CharSequence) instead of indexOf(String) and when I changed the former to the latter I did not change the constant. I will modify this per your suggestion.

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