[9] RFR of 8078672: Print and allow setting by Java property seeds used to initialize Random instances in java.lang numerics tests

Brian Burkhalter brian.burkhalter at oracle.com
Tue Apr 28 15:04:01 UTC 2015

On Apr 28, 2015, at 12:57 AM, Chris Hegarty <chris.hegarty at oracle.com> wrote:

>>> Perhaps the random number handling should be moved up to somewhere under jdk/test/lib? That would more easily let other type who want to handling random numbers in a uniform way use the library (at the cost of slightly more complicated jtreg tagging).
>> I’ll investigate tomorrow whether perhaps this functionality can be moved to a higher level with removal of duplication of code. The java/math/RandomSeed class changeset was the first in which I used @library so I should look over the jtreg tag list again.
> I think having support for this in the jdk/test/lib/testlibrary/jdk/testlibrary would be good. I was going to suggest that too when the first changeset was pushed.
> -Chris.

Hi Chris,

Yes I concur and will look into consolidating this code in a centralized location.



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