Review request: JDK-8080108: [TEST_BUG] ERROR: No IPv6 address returned from platform

Alexander Fomin alexander.fomin at
Tue Aug 4 12:53:04 UTC 2015

Hi Chris

On 04.08.2015 13:29, Chris Hegarty wrote:
> Alexander,
> Wow, that's a lot of boiler plate for a manual test. Surely a 
> README.txt, or similar would be sufficient?
> I noticed that with your changes, now this test has a dependency on 
> the jdk.desktop module ( imports from java.awt.* ). Is it really 
> necessary to have a dialog window pop-up?

     With the current process manual tests without a dialog window with 
instruction and PASS/FAIL buttons will be, actually, skipped.
     The manual tests aren't run one by one. The regression manual 
testing is started with the command like:

..\bin\jtreg -v -m -ignore:quiet -jdk:<path to JDK> -r:<path to reprot 
dir> -w:<path to workDir>

that run all manual test. So, nobody will read all README.txt files for 
all tests before run, right?

     With the command above, if we have some manual test with the only 
README.txt and without dialog window, the test will be run by jtreg 
automatically. In the result the instruction in README.txt will be 
skipped and the test will PASS or FAIL automatically (it depends on how 
the test is written).   If a such test passed, it doesn't mean that 
something has been ever tested. It may pass just because some resources 
or properties, required for the test, were absent. If the test FAIL, 
well, we may at least do one more iteration to rerun all failed manual 
tests one by one following to the instruction in the corresponding 
README.txt. But it's too expensive. Usually the failures just reported 
by SQE engineers as test bugs.

     BYW, the original test has a readme.txt with instruction. But it 
was never run properly.  At least for JDK 9 it was never pass (even on 
non Windows systems) because nobody read the README.txt before test 
execution, I guess.

     What is the problem with dependency on the jdk.desktop module?
     If we should avoid the dependency and we still wish the tests 
without standard dialog windows with test's instructions and PASS/FAIL 
buttons were run regularly, we, probably, need to fix jtreg. Currently 
jtreg doesn't take into account readme.txt files or provide any 
mechanism for manual test run execution. But this jtreg enhancement is 
out of scope for the bug I'm trying to fix.


> -Chris.
> On 29/07/15 12:59, Alexander Fomin wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Please review the test bug fix
>> See webrev here
>> The original test
>> (com/sun/jndi/dns/ @bug 6991580)
>> fails automatically if /etc/resolv.conf file doesn't contain IPv6
>> nameserver entries.
>> It's needed to edit /etc/resolv.conf manually before the test run, so
>> this is a manual regression test.
>> The test is intended to be run on non-Windows systems.
>> Fix:
>> - provided standard test machinery for regression manual tests with
>> instructions for a user;
>> - the test excluded for Windows.
>> Tested on Linux and Windows(to make sure it's excluded).
>> Thanks,
>> Alexander

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