Review request: JDK-8080108: [TEST_BUG] ERROR: No IPv6 address returned from platform

Alexander Fomin alexander.fomin at
Wed Aug 5 18:00:23 UTC 2015

Hi Crhis

On 05.08.2015 17:54, Chris Hegarty wrote:
>>      What is the problem with dependency on the jdk.desktop module?
> The problem is that you must have a java runtime image with the 
> java.desktop module installed, to be able to run a core networking 
> test that has got nothing to do with graphics. Also it cannot be run 
> on a headless system?
> That said, I would prefer that this test was run by someone, at some 
> point in time. If these changes facilitate that, then I support them, 
> once I run jtreg with '-a' ( automatic only) and it is ignored. 

Sure. These test will be run only during regression manual testing 
(jtreg with '-m'). The manual testing is doing regularly by dedicate 
These tests are ignored during automatic regression testing. So, with 
jtreg '-a' the test will be skipped. So, no dependences on java.desktop 


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