pre-RFR (s): 8049847: Enhance PrintWriter line.separator handling

Xueming Shen xueming.shen at
Sun Jan 4 19:18:44 UTC 2015

I'm very concerned every time when I see someone tries to achieve 
something by
manipulating the system property, given the lesson we have learned from 
the past,
(property file.encoding, for example). In that particular stackoverflow 
sample, I
would assume the better suggestion is to override the "println", instead 
of trying
to overwrite the system property. I might go further to update the 
to use the new System.lineSeparator() to disencourage this kind of 

I agree with Alan that the general interface "Appendable" probably 
should not get
into the specific "formatting" functionality here. And I also think the 
should not be in the "Writer" as well, writer/reader does not deal with 
only couple "special" writers need to work with "line"

Personally I would not be too concerned about the PrintWriter's 
format("%n") does
not work the same way as PrintWriter.println(), when the "println()" is 
overrode to write
a line separator that is different to the system default (again, it 
should not be achieved
by modifying the system property), given the purpose of  defining the 
"%n" is to
provide the functionality of  formatting a line separator the same as 
the underlying
platform (otherwise a \n or \r\n probably should be used explicitly ?).  
If you really
want to make such a customized version of PrintWriter to "format" a 
different line
separator for "%n",  the workaround is to override the format() to 
replace the %n.

Btw, Formatter is not "tightly" coupled with Appendable, even though we 
are creating
Appendable underneath, a kind of implementation detail. So from 
specification point
of view, it might not be appropriate to specifically specify "%n" to a 
particular "Appendable".

My 2 cents.

On 1/4/15 6:10 AM, Claes Redestad wrote:
> On 2015-01-04 11:06, Alan Bateman wrote:
>> On 02/01/2015 15:38, Claes Redestad wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>>  this is a proposal to resolve concerns that 
>>> PrintWriter/BufferedWriter behave
>>> inconsistently with j.u.Formatter when setting the line.separator 
>>> property to override
>>> system-appropriate line breaks.
>>>  Instead of providing a set of new constructors, I propose to simply 
>>> add a new default
>>> method j.l.Appendable#lineSeparator, which by default delegates to 
>>> System.lineSeparator().
>>> This allows classes such as PrintWriter/BufferedWriter to provide 
>>> overrides which
>>> communicate to j.u.Formatter their intended behavior.
>> In the bug report then I assume the inconsistency only arises because 
>> the test case attempts to change the line separator in the main 
>> method, which is too late. It should work if set on the command-line 
>> but this of course sets it system-wide.
> Right, the PrintWriter inconsistency detailed:
> - methods format/printf uses j.u.Formatter, which uses 
> System.lineSeparator() internally if it
> encounters an "%n" in the format string. Only responds to when 
> changing line.separator on
> command-line or similar.
> - methods println and newLine use the PrintWriter internal 
> lineSeparator value evaluated at
> object creation time:
>     public PrintWriter(Writer out,
>                        boolean autoFlush) {
>         super(out);
>         this.out = out;
>         this.autoFlush = autoFlush;
>         lineSeparator =
>             new"line.separator"));
>     }
> This leads to hacks existing in the wild which sets line.separator 
> before creating the PrintWriter,
> as exemplified here: 
> Removing this functionality could break compatibility with some 
> applications where developers
> are intentionally changing the line.separator, while it'd be nice if 
> there was a better way to facilitate
> this, which I think my proposal would allow with minimal
>> Your proposal to add a lineSeperator() method to Appendable would 
>> allow for customization but I'm not sure that it's the right place 
>> (as Appendable is a very general interface and would require every 
>> Appendable implementation that writes lines to be updated to make use 
>> of the new method).
> Yes, this can seem an awkward place to add this method, but the only 
> place where we'd be able
> to as easily make java.util.Formatter use the custom lineSeparator, 
> without which we wouldn't
> be able to resolve the inconsistency above nor provide a more 
> convenient way for developers
> to avoid the line.separator hack.
> However, since Appendable is defined rather strictly-coupled with 
> java.util.Formatter ("The Appendable
> interface must be implemented by any class whose instances are 
> intended to receive formatted
> output from a java.util.Formatter.") and Formatter provides a 
> higher-order mechanism to print new-lines
> ("%n") to the Appendable, it doesn't feel entirely arbitrary that the 
> lineSeparator behavior should be
> accessible via Appendable.
>> An alternative to consider is adding the notion of lines to 
>> and update it to define newLine() and lineSeperator() 
>> methods (i.e. move the BufferWriter::newLine method up to Writer). 
>> It's a bit of extra work to update BufferedWriter's spec, adjust a 
>> few things in PrintWriter/PrintStream, and special-case Writers in 
>> Formatter but something to consider.
> I need to think about what that would mean, and especially how to 
> solve it on the Formatter side.
> I worry shoehorning Writer or upcasts into Formatter might be more 
> complex that it's worth.
> Any ideas?
> /Claes
>> -Alan

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