[9] Review request : JDK-6933879: URISyntaxException when non-alphanumeric characters are present in scope_id

Konstantin Shefov konstantin.shefov at oracle.com
Wed Jan 14 15:12:07 UTC 2015

On 14.01.2015 15:56, Alan Bateman wrote:
> Did we establish if this requires a specification change to clarify 
> the characters allowed in the host component? 
we can see that
"The scope_id refers to an interface on the local system, and it can be 
specified in two ways.
1. As a numeric identifier........
2. As a string. This must be the exact string that is returned by 
NetworkInterface.getName() for the particular interface in question. 
When an Inet6Address is created in this way, the numeric scope-id is 
determined at the time the object is created by querying the relevant 

I have configured a host where NetworkInterface.getName() returns 
"eth0.1_55", i.e. "dot" and "underscore" should be added to allowed chars.

And it seems we do not have to change that specification.


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