Review request for JDK-8051710: Convert JAXP function tests: javax.xml.jaxp14.* to jtreg (testng) tests

huizhe wang at
Wed Jan 28 02:26:53 UTC 2015

Hi Frank,

Nice refactoring the original tests, esp. the TransformerTest!

jaxp14 is legacy in the jaxp standalone world. While we are at this, you 
may want to move these tests to their relevant packages since in the JDK 
world, jaxp14 is no longer relevant (jaxp 1.4 was integrated into JDK 
6).  As you've already split FactoryTest into various Factory tests, you 
may find them a bit thin in terms of test coverage now that they are 
named *FactoryTest since they cover just one of the two newInstance 
methods. I would think it makes sense to move them into / combine with 
the Factory tests of their own packages.


On 1/27/2015 1:09 AM, Frank Yuan wrote:
> Hi, Joe, Lance and All
> We are working on moving internal jaxp functional tests to open jdk repo.
> This is the jaxp14 suite. Would you please review these test?  Any comment
> will be appreciated.
> bug:
> webrev:
> Thanks,
> Frank

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