RFR 8124977 cmdline encoding challenges on Windows

Kirk Shoop Kirk.Shoop at microsoft.com
Wed Jul 8 16:50:30 UTC 2015

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> From: Kumar Srinivasan [mailto:kumar.x.srinivasan at oracle.com]
> Hi Kirk,
> Thanks for proposing this change.
> If you notice all the posix calls are wrapped in JLI_* this  gives us the
> ability to use "W" functions.  I almost got it done, several years ago,
> but we upgraded to VS2010 and my work based on VS2003 keeled over,
> meanwhile my focus was  "shifted" to something else.
> main.c: is really envisioned to be a stub  compiled by the tool launchers,
> like java, javac, javah, jar etc. I prefer to see all the heavy logic in
> this file moved to the platform specific file windows/java_md.*

Heavy logic is moved out of main.c file.

> For the reason specified above we need to move fprintf or any naked posix
> calls to JLI_* indirections.

Posix calls are wrapped in JLI_* functions.

> I don't see any tests ? The tests must be written in java and placed in
> jdk/test/tools/launcher, there is a helper framework TestHelper.java.

A new test for our changes is added.

> There are other changes in nio, charsets etc, this will be reviewed by my
> colleague specializing in that area (Sherman) cc'ed.
> Thanks
> Kumar

Thank you for the feedback!

Valery prepared a new webrev which I placed here:


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