Idea to Java ArrayLists

Philipp Bibik philipp at
Thu Jul 9 15:55:41 UTC 2015


I'm Philipp Bibik and a 16 jear old free time developer.
I was born and live in Germany and have only an bad school english,
so sorry for any grammar and spelling mistakes.

I have an idea to improve the Java ArrayList API.
Lists are one of the most imported and used components in the Java API.
Although there are relay well designed, there was always something that 
annoyed me.

If you want to create an ArrayList with "String" as diamond operator and 
add the Strings
"1" to "5" to them, you need to do something like this:

     ArrayList<String> strings = new ArrayList<>();

I added a few lines of code the the ArrayList class:

      * @param e array whose elements are to be placed into this list
     public ArrayList(E... e) {
         elementData = e;
         size = elementData.length;

After adding the lines above I was able to accomplish the same result
with 77 chars / 5 lines less code:

     ArrayList<String> strings = new ArrayList<>("1", "2", "3", "4", "5");

In my opinion adding a constructor like this to the 
"java.util.ArrayList" class and
all other (at least some) classes, implementing the "java.util.List" 
would be a big improvement to Java SE9.

Thanks for reading,

- Philipp Bibik.

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