Spin Loop Hint support: Draft JEP proposal

Paul Sandoz paul.sandoz at oracle.com
Tue Oct 6 08:27:38 UTC 2015

Hi Gil,

Have you investigated the use of this spin loop hint in j.u.concurrent classes and other potential areas in the JDK?

I think it would be useful to include some investigation to validate it’s use and then follow up with updates, perhaps separate to this JEP.

> On 6 Oct 2015, at 06:32, Gil Tene <gil at azulsystems.com> wrote:
> But naming the class and method is the smaller, easier detail. Right? ;-)

:-) indeed. IMHO j.u.c.LockSupport seems a reasonable location, backed by some JDK internal method which is intrinsic. One way forward is to start with the latter and if investigations with j.u.c. are fruitful expose via something like the former.


> On 4 Oct 2015, at 18:22, Gil Tene <gil at azulsystems.com> wrote:
> I would like to circulate this draft JEP proposal for initial review and consensus building purposes.
> I'm cross-posting to both core-libs-dev and hotspot-dev. From a spec perspective, the main change it suggests is the addition of a method (and probably a class to hold it) to the core libraries. And intrinsifying implementations would involve changes in HotSpot (see prototype WebRev links included below).
> Draft JEP follows inline...

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