Spin Loop Hint support: Draft JEP proposal

Michael Barker mikeb01 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 09:24:29 UTC 2015

> Hi Gil,
> Glad to see this being addressed!

Me too, this would be a useful addition to the Disruptor.

On 10/04/2015 07:22 PM, Gil Tene wrote:
> > We propose to add a method to the JDK which would be hint that a spin
> > loop is being performed. E.g.
> > jdk.util.PerformanceHints.spinLoopHint(), which will hopefully evolve
> > to a Java SE API, e.g. java.util.PerformanceHints.spinLoopHint(). The
> > specific name space location, class name, and method name will be
> > determined as part of development of this JEP.
> Yes, that would be a tough part. JDK is usually oblivious of these
> low-level platform-specific hints, they go to sun.misc.* (e.g. Unsafe,
> @Contended and others...). I'll let Project Leads to make that call :)

I think many of us are hoping that this will actually be a public API,
unlike @Contented, will be enabled by default and therefore useful for
third party libraries.


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