[RFR] (S) 8140189: [TESTBUG] Get rid of "@library /../../test/lib" in jtreg tests

Chris Plummer chris.plummer at oracle.com
Fri Oct 23 05:54:47 UTC 2015


Please review the following fix for 8140189:



Please also see the following CR, which has much more extensive 
discussion of the problem:

jtreg produces class files outside the JTwork directory

All the diffs for the tests simply replace "/../../test/lib" with 
"/test/lib". The changes in TEST.ROOT are what allow this. It is 
probably much easier to look at the patch than to look at each file in 
the webrev. All the test diffs look pretty much like the following:

- * @library /testlibrary /../../test/lib
+ * @library /testlibrary /test/lib


- * @library /../../test/lib/share/classes
+ * @library /test/lib/share/classes

Tested with jprt. Also ran the following jtreg tests on a linux/x64 host 
with a fastdebug build:

  -Ran all hotspot jtreg tests.
  -Ran all modified jdk jtreg tests.
  -Ran jdk tier1 and tier2 jtreg tests.

There were some failures and errors, but they were replicated when 
testing with a clean repo also and are unrelated to my changes.



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