Modifier order for 'default' (was: RFR: 8136583: Core libraries should use blessed modifier order)

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Wed Sep 16 02:48:00 UTC 2015

Martin, this will be known as the "blame martin" patch, good work.

But more seriously a minor thing I noticed in your shell script (as well as the mentioned sources and some coding guidelines), the new interface `default` method modifier is not defined in any of those lists.

Not sure if it is actually a problem for this patch (there seems to be no line with default modifier), but its just a general observation (with the hidden hope to get an authoritative consensus of the location of `default` as well, even when it might be the wrong mailinglist).


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Hi, Chris and Paul,
I'd like you to do a very boring code review.

This change is entirely machine generated. (the script is more interesting)

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