[9] RFR: 8061466 - RELAX NG API visible but not accessible

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Fri Sep 25 11:04:34 UTC 2015

On 25/09/2015 11:46, Miroslav Kos wrote:
> :
> On 25/09/15 11:46, Alan Bateman wrote:
>> On 25/09/2015 10:36, Miroslav Kos wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I prepared the webrev again with hg move:
>>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~mkos/8061466/jaxws.02/index.html
>>> For sure, jprt built again and all tests rerun.
>> The move and re-packaging looks good to me.
>> However I see there is more to this as it drops the -relaxng and 
>> -relaxng-compat command options so we'll need to make sure that this 
>> is tracked (even though these command-line options seems to have 
>> always been reported as unsupported and experimental). 
> If it is necessary, I can file a CCC. Is it? If it is, I suppose it 
> should address just change in tool (xjc) options - the implementation 
> is in jdk.xml.bind, not java.xml.bind
>> I see the localized versions of the properties have also been changed 
>> and re-formatted. At one point then the rule was to not touch 
>> localized files because they are generated/changed by translation 
>> tools. I don't know know if the master version of these files is in 
>> the jaxws repo or maintained somewhere upstream.
> The localized properties are in standalone repo, so I suppose it is 
> master(?)
> Even if CCC required, it doesn't block us from pushing this, does it? 
> If it was an issue, I can split the changeset into two (repackaging + 
> removing options)
I think the main compatibility issue is that people may be relying on 
these classes being present and not realizing it. That is, they might 
have tools.jar but not relaxng.jar on the class path and will only 
notice the issue when they try on JDK 9. So I think that point should be 
tracked for the release notes. I agree that the command-line options 
aren't too interesting but they can be mentioned too.


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