RFR: 8137289: java/util/logging/DrainFindDeadlockTest.java hangs

Daniel Fuchs daniel.fuchs at oracle.com
Tue Sep 29 18:15:57 UTC 2015


Please find below a fix for:
8137289: java/util/logging/DrainFindDeadlockTest.java hangs


There are in fact two failures reports under similar configuration:
(slow machines?) - fastdebug build - -Xcomp -server -Xcomp

The first thread dump in the bug shows that the test is killed
while the test main class is still initializing.
The test hasn't even started yet.

The second thread dump shows the main class waiting to join
the DeadlockChecker.
The other threads created by the test are nowhere to be seen.

In view of theses two stacks, my analysis is that this is most
probably an issue caused by the timeout=10 parameter on the @run

I'm proposing to remove this timeout and default to jtreg's
timeout. I have also added some additionally prints to show
when threads created by the test terminate...

We will see if that solves the issue...

best regards,

-- daniel

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