Fwd: RFR 8163798: Add a versionedStream method to JarFile

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Sat Aug 27 07:53:46 UTC 2016

On 26/08/2016 20:27, Steve Drach wrote:

> :
>> The public “interface” for a multi-release jar is the set of public or protected classes in the base (or root) section of the jar.  By definition, no new (i.e. without a corresponding base class) public or protected classes can be contained in a versioned directory.  Versioned directories can contain new package-private classes.  In practice these package-private classes are dependencies for the public/protected classes in
>> in the same versioned directory.
The versioned section of a modular MR JAR may contain .class files 
corresponding to types that are not in exported packages. In that 
scenario then it doesn't matter if the types are public or not. In any 
case, the JarFile code shouldn't be concerned this, it can leave any 
checking to packaging time and the jar tool.


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