RFR (XS) 8148730: Add @since tags in new String concat APIs

Andrej Golovnin andrej.golovnin at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 09:44:27 UTC 2016

Hi Aleksej,

> I don't know, you tell me -- you have the tools that enforce
> @since-ness! Certainly, we can put @since on classes only, if that is
> acceptable.

I don't have such tools. But when I write JavaDocs I try to follow the
recommendations from this article:


And here is the excerpt from the article regarding the @since tag:

When a class (or interface) is introduced, specify one @since tag in
its class description and no @since tags in the members. Add an @since
tag only to members added in a later version than the class. This
minimizes the number of @since tags.

Best regards,
Andrej Golovnin

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