Replacement of Quicksort in java.util.Arrays with new Dual-Pivot Quicksort

Jason C. McDonald indeliblebluepen at
Wed Feb 24 02:05:35 UTC 2016

I think this is the best place to contact the original authors.

The link to Vladimir Yaroslavskiy's original whitepaper describing the
algorithm and its proofs was, unfortunately, broken. Using's
Wayback Machine, I was able to get the last known revision. I reformatted
the document in LibreOffice for ease of reading, and fixed some minor
grammatical errors.

I also implemented the algorithm in an open-source (MIT License) C++
library, which I hope to release in the coming few months.

In order to make this algorithm and its proofs more easily accessible, I
would like to make the revised whitepaper publicly and freely available from
my own web servers, but I wanted to check with the original author(s) first.
Furthermore, I wanted to find out if there have been any revisions since the
22 September 2009 version of the whitepaper I acquired.

Thank you in advance!

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