Replacement of Quicksort in java.util.Arrays with new Dual-Pivot Quicksort

Stuart Marks stuart.marks at
Sat Feb 27 02:05:36 UTC 2016

Wow, is this a reply to a nearly seven-year-old email? [1]

I don't know if Vladimir Yaroslavskiy is still on core-libs-dev. I dug through 
tthe archives and found that he had posted a couple messages somewhat later [2] 
[3] using different email addresses:

   Vladimir Iaroslavski <vladimir.iaroslavski at>
   Vladimir Iaroslavski <iaroslavski at>

You might try to contact him at one of these addresses. Note however that the 
more recent one is still over five years old.

He's also on LinkedIn. His profile says he works for Oracle, but as far as I can 
see he no longer does.

Good luck,





On 2/23/16 6:05 PM, Jason C. McDonald wrote:
> I think this is the best place to contact the original authors.
> The link to Vladimir Yaroslavskiy's original whitepaper describing the
> algorithm and its proofs was, unfortunately, broken. Using's
> Wayback Machine, I was able to get the last known revision. I reformatted
> the document in LibreOffice for ease of reading, and fixed some minor
> grammatical errors.
> I also implemented the algorithm in an open-source (MIT License) C++
> library, which I hope to release in the coming few months.
> In order to make this algorithm and its proofs more easily accessible, I
> would like to make the revised whitepaper publicly and freely available from
> my own web servers, but I wanted to check with the original author(s) first.
> Furthermore, I wanted to find out if there have been any revisions since the
> 22 September 2009 version of the whitepaper I acquired.
> Thank you in advance!

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