[PING] Potential infinite waiting at JMXConnection#createConnection

KUBOTA Yuji kubota.yuji at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 08:56:30 UTC 2016

Hi Jaroslav and core-libs-dev,

Thank Jaroslav for your kindness!

For core-libs-dev members, links the information about this issue.

 * details of problem

 * patch

 * testcase for reproduce

Could you please review these reports?
Hope this patch helps to community.


2016-01-04 23:51 GMT+09:00 Jaroslav Bachorik <jaroslav.bachorik at oracle.com>:
> Hi Yuji,
> On 4.1.2016 15:14, KUBOTA Yuji wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Could you please review this patch?
> Sorry for the long delay. Shanliang has not been present for some time and
> probably this slipped the attention of the others.
> However, core-libs mailing list might be more appropriate place to review
> this change since you are dealing with s.r.t.t.TCPChannel
> (http://icedtea.classpath.org/people/ykubota/fixLoopAtJMXConnectorFactory/file/e31044f0804f/jdk9.patch)
> Regards,
> -JB-

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