Map.Entry methods for streams

Remi Forax forax at
Fri Jan 15 13:37:52 UTC 2016

Hi Stephan,
mixing methods that create a new entry (your mapValue) with one that mutate the current entry (setValue) is still a bad idea.

I think it's better to introduce a static method in Map.Entry like this:
  public static <K, V, R> Function<Map.Entry<K, V>, Map.Entry<K, R>> mapValue(Function<? super V, ? extends R> valueMapper) {
    return entry -> Map.entry(entry.getKey(), valueMapper.apply(entry.getValue()));

and use it like this:
  map.entrySet().stream().map(mapValue(v -> v.transformed))

Also with the introduction of Map.entry() in 9, your "not really pleasant example" is a little better
  map.entrySet().stream().map(e -> entry(e.getKey(), e.getValue.transformed()))


PS: in 9, you can use Map.entry() instead of new AbstractMap.SimpleImmutableEntry<>().

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> Objet: Map.Entry methods for streams
> I've had a morning of discussion about streaming Map this morning. While
> there is clearly no appetite for a JDK MapStream right now, it does seem
> that two additional methods on Map.Entry could help.
> Two of the common cases when streaming over Map.Entry are to transform the
> keys and to transform the values. Currently, the code is as follows:
> hashMap.entrySet().stream()
>   .map(e -> new AbstractMap.SimpleImmutableEntry(e.getKey(),
> e.getValue().transformed()))
>   ...
> This isn't really very pleasant.
> Adding a default method to Map.Entry would help:
> hashMap.entrySet().stream()
>   .map(e -> e.mapValue(v -> v.transformed()))
>   ...
> Implementation of the mapValue method is left to the reader, but it isn't
> hard. A mapKey() method would also be needed. Note that both are designed
> to work without mutating the map (returning a new entry).
> Finally, the Collectors class could do with a new method entriesToMap()
> that collects a stream of Map.Entry back into a Map.
> While these proposals are not as powerful as a MapStream, they would smooth
> some rough edges in the API when working with maps.
> Stephen

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