Map.Entry methods for streams

Tagir F. Valeev amaembo at
Sat Jan 16 02:59:26 UTC 2016


Note that having single swap() method which just swaps key and value
in addition to withKey/withValue covers this use case:

 Map<B, List<A>> gad = dag.entrySet()
        .flatMap(e -> e.getValue().stream().map(e.swap()::withKey))
        .collect(groupingBy(Entry::getKey, mapping(Entry::getValue, toList())));

TK> For completeness, having also the methods

TK>         default <NK> Entry<NK, K> withKeyAsValue(NK newKey) {
TK>                 return new AbstractMap.SimpleEntry<>(newKey, getKey());
TK>         }
TK>         public <NV> Entry<V, NV> withValueAsKey(NV newValue) {
TK>                 return new AbstractMap.SimpleEntry<>(getValue(), newValue);
TK>         }

TK> would be useful when inverting a graph, for example:

TK>         Map<A, List<B>> dag = //. . .
TK>         Map<B, List<A>> gad = dag.entrySet()
TK>                 .stream()
TK>                 .flatMap(e ->
TK> e.getValue().stream().map(e::withKeyAsValue))
TK>                 .collect(groupingBy(Entry::getKey,
TK> mapping(Entry::getValue, toList())));

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