Advice on cross-repo change: JDK-8160997

Alan Burlison Alan.Burlison at
Fri Jul 8 08:13:53 UTC 2016

On 07/07/2016 21:10, Coleen Phillimore wrote:

> Hi, You can send this to core-libs-dev at and
> hotspot-dev at

I don't have author rights on yet so I'm looking for 
someone to upload the webrev for me.

> The sponsor should be from the runtime group.   I don't know this well
> enough, so I'm going to point you to Dan (and Jerry, except Jerry's not
> a committer).

OK, thanks.

> To run JPRT don't forget to use -testset hotspot and you'll get zero
> failures.

It also touches files under jdk/src, will the hotspot testset suffice?

Alan Burlison

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