Create from Iterator / Enumeration

Patrick Reinhart patrick at
Tue Jul 12 19:25:05 UTC 2016

Hi Paul,

I finally got the time to create the enhancement issue JDK-8161230 for
the alternative methods returning a Stream instead of an Enumeration.



> I had marked ClassLoader as an area to use Stream (we went through a
>> bunch of areas that return Enumeration and add Stream-based methods
>> e.g. NetworkInterface) but we held off because Jigsaw was doing a lot
>> of plumbing work.
> I did already some hacking on the Jigsaw stuff and I liked it quit a lot.
> The biggest problem I see is the time it takes to have all required
> libraries being converted to Jigsaw too. All in all you all did a great
> job there and I hope this will be appreciated in the end...
>> It might be possible to revisit, it’s the type of enhancement we could
>> get a Feature Complete (FC) extension for. I cannot promise anything
>> here, but if you are looking for something to contribute that may be a
>> good area of focus on now Jigsaw is settling down.

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