RFR (JAXP) 8158084: Catalog API: JAXP XML Processor Support

huizhe wang huizhe.wang at oracle.com
Mon Jul 25 04:44:43 UTC 2016


This is an enhancement to support the Catalog API (javax.xml.catalog) 
throughout the JAXP processors. All of the CatalogFeatures are supported 
by the JAXP factories and processors (e.g. SAXParser), and corresponding 
System properties as specified in the CatalogFeatures. An additional 
javax.xml property "USE_CATALOG" is added to allow switching on/off the 
Catalog support for a processor or all of them (through the System 
properties or jaxp.properties).

The USE_CATALOG feature is on by default for all processors. The only 
thing needed then, to resolve external references with a catalog, is 
setting the path to the catalog on the processor. While the USE_CATALOG 
is on by default, the Catalog support is noninterference. As long as no 
catalog is set, the Catalog is mute. Catalog, even if one exists, will 
not interfere with custom resolvers, it is simply ignored if a custom 
resolver is present.


webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~joehw/jdk9/8158084/webrev/

Tests: 140ish new test cases; all existing SQE/unit tests pass. JCK has 
a large number of failures due to one Catalog API test that left a 
configuration file behind. I'll discuss that with the JCK team.



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