RFR: JDK-8134373: explore potential uses of convenience factories within the JDK

Stuart Marks stuart.marks at oracle.com
Wed Oct 5 20:45:27 UTC 2016


Thanks for the quick followup clarifications. I'm not entirely sure how you'd 
like to proceed; see discussion below.

Jonathan, also see below.

On 10/5/16 9:07 AM, Jonathan Bluett-Duncan wrote:
> Stuart, thank you very much for your continued review of this changeset, and for
> finding those usages of CookieManager::get in Grepcode for me. I've applied the
> comment you suggested for ModuleFinder and I've also fixed the
> NetscapeCookieStore typo.


> Stephen, thank you for getting back about DateTimeFormatter. It's not clear to
> me what should be done with
> TCKDateTimeFormatter::test_resolverFields_listOfOneNull in this case. Do I
> delete it; or do I change it to test that a null TemporalField param causes a
> NullPointerException to be thrown; or do I do something else? May I have your
> continued thoughts on this?

OK, this is kind of subtle. This is a TCK (conformance) test, so it probably 
cannot simply be removed; it may need a specification change to clarify this 
case. I've filed JDK-8167222 to cover these issues. I've made a note in this bug 
regarding the potential change in DateTimeFormatter.withResolverFields() to use 

(There's an additional wrinkle with Set.of() aside from rejecting nulls; it also 
rejects duplicates by throwing IAE.)

In any case that code can't be changed to use Set.of() until the test/spec issue 
is resolved, so for the purposes of this changeset, I'd suggest simply removing 
the withResolverFields() comment from the webrev. We can revisit this during or 
after the resolution of JDK-8167222.

I think this clears all the issues, so you can probably go ahead and work with 
Patrick to update the webrev. And Patrick, thanks once again for hosting the webrev!


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