Process to add some default methods to javax.naming.Context?

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Fri Oct 14 21:10:09 UTC 2016

2016/10/13 13:39:44 -0700, brian.goetz at
> javax.naming is a JCP-controlled API.  Adding to it would require a 
> maintenance release of whichever JSR covers JNDI (probably the Java EE 
> umbrella JSR.)  You'll need to track down the spec lead and see if a MR 
> is in the works, and if you can convince them that this is a desirable 
> addition.

JNDI was merged into the JDK before the platform as a whole was governed
by the JCP, so there's never been a separate JSR for it.  Any changes to
the JNDI API would therefore be covered by the relevant Java SE Umbrella
JSR unless they were so significant as to require their own JSR -- which
at this stage seems pretty unlikely.

- Mark

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