Re: RFR: 6378384 (reflect) subclass can’t access superclass’s protected fields and methods by reflection

nakamura at nakamura at
Sat Oct 22 04:34:48 UTC 2016

Dear Mr. Peter Levart:

>> +1.  Ship it!  Thanks for compressing it!
> Thanks for reviewing. Pushed.

Thank you very much. 6378384 was submitted by me.
Is your fix is included? By using JDK 9-ea+140-jigsaw, the subclass can 
access its superclass's protected static fields and methods by reflection.

> Hope it's not too bad that I managed to enter non-ascii characters into
> commit message. I was copy-pasting from Jira issue title and didn't
> notice the difference between ' and ’ . Probably an artifact of
> migrating issues from SUN's old bug-tracking system. This issue really
> had a long beard...

Sorry. I maybe copied the text from MS-Word.

Yours sincerely,
Manabu Nakamura

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