Review Request: JDK-8167057 jdeps to list the modules and internal APIs to help find @modules for tests

Daniel Fuchs daniel.fuchs at
Fri Oct 28 10:03:47 UTC 2016

Hi Mandy,

Looks good to me in general, but I feel like the new
option --list-reduced-deps should be better documented:

  152 main.opt.list-deps=\
  153 \  --list-deps\n\
  154 \  --list-reduced-deps           Lists the dependences and use of 
JDK internal\n\
  155 \                                APIs. --list-reduced-deps lists 
the dependences\n\
  156 \                                after transition reduction.

#1 - is it 'transition reduction' or 'transitive reduction'?
      (at two places in this file: line 156 & line 135)

#2 - could the description be made a little more verbose? something

--list-reduced-deps                   lists the dependences
                                       after transitive reduction.
                                       Transitive reduction is obtained
                                       by removing the dependencies which
                                       are already transitively exported
                                       by another module in the
                                       dependency graph. For instance,
                                       if both java.sql and java.logging
                                       are included in the dependency
                                       graph, then java.logging will be
                                       removed because it is already
                                       transitively exported by
                                       java.sql, and therefore
                                       requiring java.sql should be

best regards,

-- daniel

On 19/10/16 23:19, Mandy Chung wrote:
> Webrev at:
> This patch enhances jdeps to print the dependences in the format : $MODULE[/$PACKAGE].
> This is intended for analyzing the regression tests we develop and add make it easy to add the proper @modules.
> Mandy

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