Review Request: JDK-8165563 ClassLoader::getSystemClassLoader will never be null

Patrick Reinhart patrick at
Wed Sep 7 21:57:44 UTC 2016

Hi Mandy

Found a tiny typo ony line 1453, that could also be fixed with this change:

1451      * @throws  IOException
1452      *          If I/O errors occur
1454      * @since  1.2
1455      */
1456     public static Enumeration<URL> getSystemResources(String name)


On 07.09.2016 21:42, Mandy Chung wrote:
> Webrev:
> ClassLoader::getPlatformClassLoader [1] is added in JDK 9 that is parent or ancestor of the system class loader [1].  The system class loader will never be null.  Another relevant change in JDK 9 was that the system initialization was reworked that the built-in system class loader is initialized very early during startup.
> This patch updates ClassLoader::getSystemClassLoader to return a non-null system class loader and the implementation of a few methods to handle the null system class loader case.
> Mandy
> [1]

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