Reg - Sub Process creation from java takes more time

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I monitored memory usage, below are the details.

Heap usage :-  857mb
Virtual memory:- 12.6gb
-Xmx set to 4gb.

I have taken virtual and heap memory usage  when Java spawns sub processes.

Sub processes have short life, will be done in milli seconds.

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Do you monitor heap usage and virtual memory size of your Java process? I
would look out for increase (which causes slower for tines).

Also it is generally a good idea to turn on GC logging and look into it if
a java process degregades over time


Just BTW: I think Java would not be the right tool to spawn and control
sich a high number of external processes. Maybe it would be better to hand
that off to a more native component.

Von: Manjunath SV

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