RFR(s): 8166624: java/util/jar/JarFile/mrjar regression tests has undeclared dependencies

Sergei Kovalev sergei.kovalev at oracle.com
Tue Sep 27 15:03:31 UTC 2016

Hi Alan,

Looks like the root cause is jtreg issue. I'm going to close the CR as 
"Not an issue". Do you agree?

Thank you for review.

With best regards,

26.09.16 10:06, Alan Bateman wrote:
> On 25/09/2016 16:16, Sergei Kovalev wrote:
>> If I've drop jdk.jartool, I faced with ClassNotFound error as I 
>> showed in #3
>>  java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: 
>> jdk.security.jarsigner.JarSigner$Builder
>> As you can see TEST.properties contains both: jdk.compiler and 
>> jdk.jartool
> I didn't suggesting dropping jdk.jartool, I was suggesting changing 
> "@module java.compiler/javax.tools" to "@modules java.compiler".
> I think we need to start a new thread on jtreg-dev about this issue as 
> this is about test selection when TEST.properties is used to list the 
> required modules.
> -Alan 

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