Manifest Add-Exports vs. command line --add-exports

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Wed Aug 23 13:36:54 UTC 2017

On 22/08/2017 01:49, Tom Hood wrote:
> Thanks, Mandy.  I was beginning to think my followup question might have
> gotten lost and I was considering a new post.
> I'm unable to get --illegal-access=permits to work for our webstart app by
> setting it in the Java Control Panel with the 9+181 build.  It appears
> webstart crashes when I do this.  I tried enabling tracing & logging from
> the Java Control Panel "Advanced" tab, but couldn't find anything left
> behind.
The value is "permit" (not "permits"). Just mentioning in case this is a 
simple typo here. Also it would be good to confirm that that "crashes" 
means it aborts with an error message rather than a hard crash.

> Setting a long list of --add-exports in the Java Control Panel *does* work
> for our webstart app with the 9+181 build.  However, I don't believe this
> is going to work for our customer who has 1000's of geographically
> distributed users.  We have next to zero control over how/when system
> administrators perform the java installations.  Likewise, asking all those
> users to manually add the options themselves is too much to ask of them.  I
> predict many complaints and calls to our help desk that our app doesn't
> work with Java 9.
> Any chance of adding a more webstart-friendly "JEP260 last resort" for Java
> 9 ?  Our vendors need more time to remove dependencies from their
> libraries.  I'm concerned that as we proceed in testing our app with Java 9
> that the list of JEP260-override options will grow.  For example, the
> --add-opens was added due to an illegal setAccessible(true) reflection call.
The CLI options to export or open packages can be specified in JNLP 
file, you shouldn't need to ask user to add them via the control panel. 
You can predicate on the Java SE version too, i.e.
   <j2se version="9+" java-vm-args="--add-opens=..." />

Have you submitted bugs to the JAI project about its usages of sun.* APIs?


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