RFR (JAXP) 8169450: StAX parse error if there is a newline in xml declaration

Langer, Christoph christoph.langer at sap.com
Tue Feb 14 07:56:32 UTC 2017

Hi Joe,

this looks right to me, quite straightforward.

I just have some formatting nits for the test:

1. Line 107 (XMLInputFactory xif=): space missing before '='

2. Method comments on test methods would look nicer if formatted like:
* line 1
* line 2
* ...
... I want to say that the '*' is missing in the beginning of the middle lines

3. Several whitespace at the end of lines - but jcheck should find out

Best regards

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> Subject: RFR (JAXP) 8169450: StAX parse error if there is a newline in xml
> declaration
> A quick fix for the error parsing xml declaration. This is one of the
> three outstanding issues in the xml area that must be addressed for the
> coming development deadline.
> JBS: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8169450
> webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~joehw/jdk9/8169450/webrev/
> Checking whether a space follows "<?xml" was sufficient for DOM/SAX for
> which the base parser was originally created since the xml declaration
> was normalized during version detection. StAX, sharing the base parser
> after it was added to the JDK, however, does not use the same version
> detection/normalization process and would incorrectly parse the
> declaration if there are other whitespaces.
> Thanks,
> Joe

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