SubmissionPublisher - Subscriber#onComplete() not invoked when publisher is closed

Pavel Bucek pavel.bucek at
Tue Feb 21 09:16:51 UTC 2017

Hi all,

firstly - please let me know if this is is a wrong place to send this; I 
wasn't able to find list specific to concurrency.

Consider following example:

     SubmissionPublisher<String> publisher =new SubmissionPublisher<>();
     publisher.subscribe(new Flow.Subscriber<String>() {
         @Override public void onSubscribe(Flow.Subscription subscription) { }

         @Override public void onNext(String item) { }

         @Override public void onError(Throwable throwable) {

         @Override public void onComplete() {
     publisher.submit("item");// if this is commented out, #onComplete is invoked. publisher.close();

I'd expect that Subscriber#onComplete is invoked after calling 
publisher.close(), but it is not happening. Curiously, when I comment 
out 'publisher.submit("item")', Subscriber#onComplete is indeed invoked.

SubmissionPublisher#close() javadoc says:

/** * Unless already closed, issues {@link * 
Flow.Subscriber#onComplete() onComplete} signals to current * 
subscribers, and disallows subsequent attempts to publish. * Upon 
return, this method does <em>NOT</em>guarantee that all * subscribers 
have yet completed. */

So it seems like it will be invoked in different thread or something 
like that, but it is not invoked ever (or more precisely - not during 10 
second after the publisher is closed. There is nothing else running on 
that particular jvm instance).

Also, publisher#isClosed() returns true and 
publisher#getNumberOfSubscribers() returns 0.

I'm using Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks and regards, Pavel

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