RFR: 8176508 Update JAX-WS RI integration to latest version

Bill Shannon bill.shannon at oracle.com
Mon Mar 13 18:53:21 UTC 2017

Alan Bateman wrote on 03/12/17 08:14 AM:
> In MailcapCommandMap then the following doesn't seem right for the class
> description:
>   59  * (Where <i>java.home</i> is the value of the "java.home" System property
>   60  * and <i>conf</i> is the directory named "conf" if it exists,
>   61  * otherwise the directory named "lib"; the "conf" directory was
>   62  * introduced in JDK 1.9.)
> It might be simpler to just have javadoc specify that it attepts to locate the
> `mailcap` file in the Java run-time image and then add an @implNote with the
> details as to where it looks for specific runtime releases.

We talked about this before.

I decided not to use @implNote because it makes it easier to keep the source
in sync with the standalone version that's still built with an older JDK
(and javadoc).

It probably would've been better to word this differently so that it's clear
the location of the file is an implementation detail that depends on the the
JDK implementation, but at this point I think we've reached the point of
diminishing returns and it's time to just get this done.

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