Java 9 and IntSummaryStatistics et al.

Chris Dennis chris.w.dennis at
Tue Mar 28 14:29:14 UTC 2017

Hi All,

I’m currently working on a project thats attempting to do a lot of heavy lifting work with Java Streams (implementing, extending, adapting, etc). One issue we ran in to is the inflexibility around  unmarshalling the IntSummaryStatistics class (and it’s other primitive variations). I had originally decided to not push on this since it had already been filed as a enhancement request and dismissed (JDK-8043747) and since in Java 8 and earlier it wasn’t a huge problem for us as we could use reflection to force the initialization of one of these objects without much issue (modulo SecurityManager usage).  In Java 9 this starts to get much more unpalatable.  I’m left with having to open up parts of the java.base module in order to get to what I need (in classpath mode this looks particularly ugly since I have to open up to ALL-UNNAMED).  What I’m trying to do here is get a roadmap in place for how to approach these kinds of problems in a Java ecosystem which is (presumably) moving towards a gradually more strict position on strong encapsulation.

Right now code that treats a stream pipeline as anything more complex than a ‘literal’ pipeline of operations through which events are pushed is going to hit this problem - a simple example would be any kind of calculation being performed in advance of stream creation.  Right now the lack of interface decoupling here means I have no choice but to ‘brute-force’ all these calculations.


Chris Dennis

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