[PROPOSAL][JDK10] Introduce Executable.getParameterType(index)

Christoph Dreis christoph.dreis at freenet.de
Thu Nov 2 20:33:23 UTC 2017

Hey John,

I'm not quite able to make the connection between my proposal to add Executable.getParameterType(index) and your answer.

>> What do you think about that? Is someone willing to sponsor this given it's
>> considered worthwhile.

> Let's set that up on top of the new unmodifiable lists from List.of.
> It will be simpler and more powerful in the end.  Coding with
> the new unmodifiable collections is really nice, and we should
> encourage it.

> So for every old-school access method of the form T[] getFoos(),
> let's consider adding List<T> getFooList(), which returns a list
> that works like List.of.  If we use a shared-secrets mechanism,
> we can even reuse the same List.of code, using a private
> API List.ofSharedArray(T[]) which doesn't copy the argument..

Could you elaborate, please?


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