RFR: 8185925 & 8153682 (footprint reduction of java.lang.StackFrameInfo)

Brent Christian brent.christian at oracle.com
Tue Nov 7 20:15:29 UTC 2017

On 11/07/2017 09:45 AM, mandy chung wrote:
> StackFrameInfo.java
>   38     // Footprint improvement: MemberName::clazz can replace
>   39     // StackFrameInfo::declaringClass.
> The above comment can be removed.

Whoops - thanks.

> 41 private final boolean retainClassRef;
> JVMS [1] has a note about Hotspot implementation of boolean array that
> is encoded as a byte array.  That explains JOL output that this boolean
> field is 8-bit in our implementation.  This field could be changed to a
> byte to hold additional flags, if any in the future.  It may be good to
> change this to a byte making the field size explicit.

Thanks for the link and explanation.  I agree with making the change now.

Updated webrev here:


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