RFR 8187742 Minimal set of bootstrap methods for dynamic constants

stanislav lukyanov stanislav.lukyanov at oracle.com
Fri Nov 10 09:36:51 UTC 2017

On 10.11.2017 0:13, Paul Sandoz wrote:
> <...>
> I would prefer to follow up later on with more non-normative explanatory text. It will take some careful crafting and i don’t want that to side-track the review for the moment (including guidance on what forms of computed constants are acceptable).
Fair. Does it make sense to add a sub-task for this to JDK-8185992 to 
keep it on the radar?
> <...>
> And adjusted the invoke method:
> * @param args the arguments to pass to the method handle, as if with
> * {@link MethodHandle#invokeWithArguments}.  Each argument may be
> * {@code null}.
> ...
> * @throws NullPointerException if {@code args} is {@code null}
> * (each argument of {@code args} may be {@code null}).
I think the `@throws NPE` is not needed, at least not from the normative 
The class-level text about NPE doesn't assume anything about the 
contents of objects passed to the methods,
and the second part of the `@param args` already clarifies the behavior 
for this particular case.
Arguably having this `@throws` might improve clarity, but I would rather 
remove it.
> We have been fleshing out the NPE behaviour because we know you will log bugs against us later on if we don’t :-)
Yep, that's sounds familiar :)


Thanks for the updates!

Also, javac isn't going to use `::primitiveClass` instead of `getstatic 
Integer.TYPE` to load int.class, right?
If it is, int.class probably needs to be changed to Integer.TYPE in 
sun.invoke.util.Wrapper to avoid cycles.


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