[10] RFR 8176841: Additional Unicode Language-Tag Extensions

Stephen Colebourne scolebourne at joda.org
Tue Nov 21 09:35:41 UTC 2017

On 21 November 2017 at 01:45, Naoto Sato <naoto.sato at oracle.com> wrote:
>> 2) `DecimalStyle.ofLocale(Locale)` should use "nu" but does not.
> Document it in the javadoc.

Javadoc looks good, but the webrev didn't contain matching code last
time I looked.

>> 3) `DateTimeFormatter.localizedBy(Locale)` should use "ca" to call
>> `withChronology`, `tz` to call `withZoneId` and `nu` to call
>> `withDecimalStyle`. This is a change to the CSR.
> Besides that "nu" needs to be spec'ed out, isn't calling withXXXX() an
> implementation note?

The revised text ends with "Same is true for the "nu" extension.", but
doesn't mention the case where both "tz" and "rg" are present.

>> 7) WeekBasedFieldPrinterParser should use "fw"/"rg", which it already
>> does via WeekFields.of(Locale)
> Not sure what this means. Where is the file located?

WeekBasedFieldPrinterParser is an inner class of DateTimeFormatterBuilder

>> 10) Consider how localizedBy(Locale) operates.
> IIRC, the localizedBy() is added so that withLocale() would behave as it is
> now. I think localizedBy() should also have the same effect as withLocale if
> the specified locale do not contain any calendar/timezone/numberingSystem
> extensions. Otherwise, say localizedBy(Locale.JAPAN) would be no-operation.

OK, I agree. localizedBy(locale) is the same as withLocale(locale)
unless there are "ca", "tz" or "nu", in which case the matching
element is updated.


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