Review Request: JDK-8191942: Replace jdeps use of jdk.internal.util.jar.VersionedStream with new public API

mandy chung mandy.chung at
Tue Nov 28 01:50:04 UTC 2017

This is a follow-up on JDK-8189611 that defines a new public API to 
return a stream of versioned entries and to return the real name of a 
JAR entry.  JDK-8189611 leaves jdeps untouched because jdeps is compiled 
with the boot JDK.

This patch includes:
(1) changes the build not to build jdk.jdeps interim module but include classes in the CreateSymbol buildtool
(2) replace the use of internal API with the public APIs defined by 
(3) remove jdk.internal.util.jar.VersonedStream class



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