[10] RFR of JDK-8173411: Some testng tests check nothing in java time

Amy Lu amy.lu at oracle.com
Wed Oct 11 03:30:17 UTC 2017

Please review the patch to change TestNG.dirs and lib.dirs (def and file 
structure) for test/jdk/java/time.

test/jdk/java/time contains three sets of tests:

Tests from directory "tck" and "test" are testng tests with properties:
TestNG.dirs = ..
lib.dirs = ../../../lib/testlibrary
lib.build = jdk.testlibrary.RandomFactory

But not all files under "TestNG.dirs" are real tests, some of them are 
"libraries" thus should not be put under "TestNG.dirs" (thus be run as 
testng test). Moreover, due to this def, when one runs tests from "test" 
directory, extra files (nontestng/* and tck/*) will also be compiled 
(which are unnecessary compiling).

In this patch:
Non-test files ("libraries") are moved to "lib" directory;
Real tests previously under "test" dir are moved to test/jdk/, and tests 
under "tck" dir are moved to test/tck/;
test/jdk/ and test/tck/ each has TEST.properties with def:
     TestNG.dirs = .
     lib.dirs = /java/time/lib /lib/testlibrary
MockIOExceptionAppendable.java is not used anywhere, removed.
MockSimplePeriod.java previously exist in both "tck" and "test", now it 
is under "lib".

With this change, non-test file then won't be run as testng test and no 
unnecessary compiling.

bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8173411
webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~amlu/8173411/webrev.00/


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