Manifest Related Bugs JDK-6372077, JDK-6202130, JDK-8176843, JDK-4842483, JDK-6443578, JDK-6910466, JDK-4935610, and JDK-4271239

Sean Mullan sean.mullan at
Thu Oct 12 20:32:46 UTC 2017

Hi Phillip,

All of these bugs are in the core-libs area, so I am copying the 
core-libs-dev list since that is where they should be discussed and 
reviewed. I have -bcc-ed security-dev (where this was originally posted).


On 10/2/17 1:24 PM, Philipp Kunz wrote:
> Hi,
> While fixing JDK-6695402 I came across other related bugs to manifests 
> such as JDK-6372077, JDK-6202130, JDK-8176843, JDK-4842483, and 
> JDK-6443578 which all relate to manifest reading and writing. Somewhere 
> bug 7071055 is mentioned but I cannot find anywhere. Another group of 
> bugs, JDK-6910466, JDK-4935610, and JDK-4271239 concern the mandatory 
> manifest main attributes Manifest-Version or Signature-Version and at 
> first glance are duplicates. If you know of more known bugs, not 
> necessarily present in jira, I'd be glad to get notified.
> There are also some comments about utf handling and line breaking in the 
> code of Manifest:
> Furthermore, should declare appropriate type parameters:
> The specification would also require that `header names must not start 
> with _, - or "From"` 
> ( 
> but I would opt not to add this as a hard restriction because I guess it 
> can be assumed that such names are in use now after having been working 
> for years. A warning to a logger might be conceivable such as in
> Attribute values are never checked at all and invalid characters such as 
> line breaks are never detected except that when reading the manifest 
> again the values are cut off.
> The tab character (U+0008) does not work in manifest values.
> I suspect that there are also issues regarding the iteration order but I 
> haven't got a prove yet unlike for the other points above:
> There is duplicated or very similar code in Attributes and Manifest: 
> Attributes.write-Manifest.write-Attributes.writeMain and 
> Resolving JDK-6202130 would have the additional benefit to be able to 
> view manifests with any utf-8 capable editor even if multi-byte 
> characters break across lines.
> Fixing these issues individually looks like more complicated work than 
> fixing them all at once, I guess, also because of a very low current 
> test coverage. So I'd suggest to add some thorough tests along with 
> fixing these issues. But before I start I would like to get some 
> guidance, assistance or at least confirmation on how to proceed. I'm new 
> to open jdk and have submitted only one patch so far.
> Is it ok to add tests for things that have worked before?
> Is it ok to refactor duplicated code just for the added value to reduce 
> effort for testing?
> I assume compatibility to and from existing manifests is the highest 
> priority, correct? This would also be the hard part in adding as 
> complete test coverage as possible. What would be acceptable criteria to 
> meet?
> Why does Attributes not extend LinkedHashMap and why does Manifest not 
> extend HashMap? Any objection?
> While I would not want to write code that looks slow or change more than 
> necessary one can never know before having performance actually 
> measured. Is there some way this is dealt with or should I wait for such 
> feedback until after patch submission?
> Would someone sponsor?
> Regards,
> Philipp
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