Review Request JDK-8189202: (jdeps) Need jdeps output format easy for jlink --add-modules to use

mandy chung mandy.chung at
Fri Oct 13 15:40:11 UTC 2017

This proposes to add a new jdeps --print-module-deps option to print a 
comma-separated list of modules that the analyzed classes depend on and 
such output can be taken by jlink --add-modules option.  This will make 
it easy for users to run jlink to create a custom image. As Paul and 
Mikael suggest one use is doing something like:
    $ jlink --module-path jmods --add-modules $(jdeps 
--print-module-deps myapp.jar) --output image

jdeps emits warnings if myapp.jar has split packages with JDK modules 
and you can use -q to suppress the warnings.

jdeps --list-deps and --list-reduced-deps provide similiar information 
but it also lists dependences to  JDK internal APIs. It is intended to 
print the dependences to make it easy to convert to @modules in jtreg 
tests and also can be used to set up --add-exports option if needed.   
This patch also changes these options not to show "not found" and 
"unnamed module" which are not specific for module dependencies.


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